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Abrasives and Media

Expendable abrasives 

Aluminium Silicate

A very clean high quality expendable particularly suitable for vehicle restoration and similar applications.
Packed in 25 Kg paper sacks on 1.05 Tonne pallets.

Iron Silicate

Also known as Copper Slag this is a denser expendable suited to the more demanding application such as structural steelwork, ships, bridges etc etc
Packed in 25Kg Paper sacks on 1.2 Tonne pallets.

Re-useable abrasives

Aluminium Oxide

A re-useable abrasive with a good life this is suited for any application where the abrasive can be recycled such as a blast room or blast cabinet.
Packed in 25 Kg paper sacks or 25kg and 12 Kg tubs.

Glass Beads 

This is suitable for the finishing of non-ferrous metals to give a fine satin sheen and can be used in a blast room or cabinet.
Particularly suited for the finishing of aluminium engine castings and similar items after cleaning with aluminium oxide.
Packed in 25 Kg Poly Lined Paper or poly sacks and in 25 Kg and 12 Kg tubs.

Bicarbonate of Soda

Often called Soda Blast this is suitable for the cleaning of delicate surfaces and for the preparation of aluminium panels which it will clean without distortion.
Packed in 25 Kg sacks and in 12 Kg tubs.

Walnut Shell Grain

This is intended for the cleaning of very delicate items where it is desired to leave the surface patina unaffected.
It is suitable for the cleaning of soft stonework, stone and bronze statues and similar items, it will remove paint and other contaminants from glass without damage.
Packed in 25 Kg sacks (35 -40 litres) and in 10 litre tubs.

Specialist abrasives

There are many abrasives for special requirements, we can quote for supply of most types of specialist media.
examples are Stainless steel shot, Sinterball, Garnet, Plastic abrasives etc etc.

Order quantities and Packing

We are happy to supply abrasives for delivery or collection in any quantity from a single sack or tub to multi tonne orders .
If you require special packaging simply ask and we will be happy to help.


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